Booking Information

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● From now on [call booking] the whole room type will be 50% off on weekdays; there are other discounts for Baodong and continued residence, please contact us ●

In order to maintain the quality of accommodation, the room is completely non-smoking, no pets are allowed.
Yanyu is a green building, and you are encouraged to travel out of the outdoors, enjoy nature, and be suitable for a relaxing vacation. Therefore, our air-conditioning is auxiliary, and it is impossible to provide a kind of air-cooling room like ~~心~~凉喔!!
Parking is free for travellers
Free breakfast for guests staying, according to the actual number of days of stay, breakfast time: 08:00-10:00, if you have special diet or allergies, please inform in advance
After ten o'clock in the evening, please whisper, do not affect other travelers or neighbors
The public area on the first floor lobby is open until 10 pm
In order to maintain the quality of accommodation, please enter the number of people according to the type of room. If you need to add people, please inform in advance.
The room of the geese is equipped with: bath towels, towels, indoor slippers, shower gel, shampoo, sun moon pool tea bag

● weekdays, holiday definitions
Weekdays: Check-in date is Sunday to Thursday, 30% off all room types
Holidays: Check-in day is from Friday to Saturday, 20% off all room types
In the event of a national holiday, (Spring Festival, 228, Ching Ming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, National Day, etc.), all room types maintain pricing

●Check in time
Room time: After 03: 00 pm.
Check out time: before 11:00 am.
If you check out overtime, you will need to add 300 yuan per hour.

Other services
Book the Sun Moon Lake sea and land tickets (but only for friends staying at the hotel). Package reference
Green Lake yacht ticket a special price of 100 yuan (original price of 300 yuan), canoe is now 50 yuan (original price of 600 yuan)
Yan Yu is already a national travel card store, welcome to use the National Travel Card

● Reservation procedure
After reservation, the reservation time is 24 hours. Please remit the payment within 24 hours. If the remittance deposit is not received within the retention time, the reservation will be cancelled without prior notice. After remittance, please be sure to provide (receiver five yards, name, housing date) SMS or LINE to complete the reconciliation, then confirm the payment by SMS or Mail
[LINE ID: yanee.service Reservation Line: 886-968-392-566]
The deposit is 50% of the total price, and the full amount will be paid on the day of the check-in.
Online reservation, after completing the online payment, the payment will be confirmed by SMS or Mail.
If you have not received our reply within 24 hours, please call us in person.
Line service hours: 10:00 am to 22:00 pm.
Remittance information
ATM transfer / remittance
Bank code: 700
Bank account number: 0001006-2689076
Remittance Bank: Taipei North Gate Post Office
Remittance account name: Lin Yusheng
Please be sure to call after remittance [Tel: 0683392566]

●Cancellation and refund instructions
A full refund can be cancelled by 7 days prior to the check-in date, subject to a transfer fee
Cancellation within 4-6 days of the check-in date, the travel host must deduct 70% of the deposit paid and the remaining return
Cancellation within 1-3 days of the check-in date, the travel host must deduct 100% of the deposit paid
On the day of check-in, in case of typhoon or other natural disasters, the Nantou County Government or the local government of the passengers will issue a land typhoon warning to fully refund or postpone the stay. The extension period is within 3 months from the date of the scheduled stay, only one time.

●Additional expenses
Extra bed for NT.800, double room for up to one extra bed (including breakfast, spare parts, bed set) for up to two beds in a quadruple room. (including breakfast, spare parts, bed set)
A total of NT.500 (including breakfast and spare parts) (only for children under 10 years old, only one person can sleep in one bed)
There is no other need for children under 6 years old. There is no charge for room occupancy.
To avoid disputes and influence the holiday, please make sure to inform the extra bed before the extra bed, so that the brigade host can prepare in advance, and the anger will not accept the temporary extra bed or the excess of the person on the spot.