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You / Years bring Wisdom growth wisdom
Are / A merry heart makes a long life
Not / New vision create pure soul
alonE / Every moment, my heart be with you Every minute, every second, my heart is with you
You Are Not alonE You are not alone , take the first letter of each word, but take the last word of the last letter, because you want to surround, there is a beginning and end, any planet in the earth or the universe is surrounded, no matter how long There will be people who have a fate and are destined to meet. So I used to call the name in the past. The pinyin of YAN.EE is also very similar to Yan Yu.

Over half a year, we feel that it is not easy for friends and family to get together without pressure! If you are looking for a place with good mountains and good water, you can live slowly for a few days. You don't have to arrange any itinerary. You can follow the sex, drink a small glass of wine or tea with a long-lost relatives or friends, and talk for a long time. Enjoy in nature. The beautiful natural scenery is such a heart-warming affair. After a few rounds of Taiwan, I saw a lot of land and chose the center of Taiwan. The only sightseeing county that is not dependent on the sea - Nantou County, the location of Sun Moon Lake - Yuchi Township, Start dreaming.

We are in the spirit of "good things to share with good friends", from each room has a large terrace, to a good bathroom and mattress, healthy breakfast, filtered water from the source, drinking water and filtered again, The concept of health and health, the travellers who wish to come here can feel the master's intentions. Come here, have a cup of tea, coffee or wine tasting with a friend who has a relationship, exchange travel experience or life experience, relax and work together! In the nature, the geese met and met in the geese. Sun Moon Lake's B&B and pavilion specializes in accommodation. There are Jinlongshan Chenxi. Jiuzu Culture Village nearby. Friends who like photography can refer to it. It is suitable for two days and one night, Nantou's light travel, or three days and two nights roaming trip.
Yanyu location: 555 47-30, Dayan Lane, Yuchi Township, Nantou County
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